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5 Practical Steps to Enter in Stock Market of Nepal (NEPSE)

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By Arun Dahal Khatri

In today's time, the people of Nepal are getting involved in the stock market (NEPSE). The craze of the stock market and the eagerness of earning money through stock skyrocketed. People are giving and investing a lot of time to involve and accelerate the stock market of Nepal. But, until now a lot of people are still confused about how to enter the stock market of Nepal? 

Well! this article is dedicated to those who want to involve in the stock market of Nepal with the proper steps.
Today I want to share some of the practical and important steps with our newcomers who want to involve in the stock market in Nepal.

Step 1:Open a bank account: before entering the stock market a person needs to open a bank account in a specific bank. In Nepal, most people open their bank account accounts at Commercial and development banks. Opening a bank account helps the investor to make a legal and easy transaction and makes it easy to open Demate account.

Step 2: Open a demate account: After opening a bank account an Individual needs to open a demate account at their respective bank where they open their bank account. Sometimes People open their Demate at the broker's office as well. Demate account is for the transaction of shares, like the bank account for the transaction of money.

Step 3: Open Mero share Account: After comp[leting steps one and 2 an individual needs to go to the respective bank or broker office to open a Mero share account. Usually, Opening a mero share is easy at the bank than broker brokers office. Before opening Mero shares an individual needs to take a CRN number from the respective bank. Mero share helps you to transfer the shares or to apply for IPO(Initial Public Offerings).

Step 4: Open Broker Account (TMS): After comp[leting steps 1 and step 2 and step 3 an individual needs to open TMS ( Trade Management System).TMS are usually open at the broker office ( Right now there is 51 Broker office in Nepal).TMS helps an individual to buy and sell shares through a broker. Without TMS a person or individual cannot buy and sell stocks online.

Step 5: After opening TMS an individual needs to link their bank account with Connect IPS: Connect IPS helps investors to make a huge transaction without any hassle. You can apply for connecting  IPS at your respective bank. The bank will verify with connecting  IPS account which allows you to make the transaction without any further problems. Connect IPS will be helpful while making the payments of buying and getting payments from selling.

Now, you are ready for buying and selling stocks at the stock market of Nepal (NEPSE).

#Happy Investing