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Inside the mind of "Entrepreneur"

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By Arun Dahal Khatri

Once shiv Khera told,” Thinking, believing and knowing what’s good is not good enough, doing it.”

One of the greatest abilities to become an entrepreneur is to have the ability to convert ideas into reality. We see different opportunities in our daily life and we assure that but we rarely use the same idea to convert them into reality. To achieve anything we look at different opportunities but often fail to create the opportunities for ourselves.

I see a lot of successful people in the world and I wanted to know about their way of life. If I see Warren Buffet then in the full day, I am motivated to properly manage finance and stocks and want to follow the rules and regulations given by Buffet in his valuable works. Likewise, If I see Bill gates then  I get some new innovative ideas. Moreover, Most young minds are interested in the research and development of new facts and innovation but we often fail to carry our ideas forward because of fear. We are all young wanted to become an entrepreneur but we generally failed not because of our ability to handle the situation but lack of proper dedication and amplifying the excuses.

In Nepal, the economic situation is troublesome and we need a lot of effort to perform any business motive activities. The documentation process is mind harassing but I believe that there are a lot of opportunities that are not found in another world because in every step you can find awesome business opportunities like tourism, finance, service motive business, and so on. To become familiar with the situation we have to capture the roadmap and drive our successful car smoothly and carefully.

We need to make a dream to become an entrepreneur because if your dream is great then you can drive yourself smoothly.

One of the highlighted qualities that can make Nepal an entrepreneur’s young mind is the way of thinking. Every Nepalese mind once faced problems related to services. He can make various ideas to solve the problems in his mind. We can take the example of load shedding. Every young person once faced these problems. Most of us face these problems regularly. The interesting fact is that we all have various and updated ideas to supersede load shedding. Most of us think about solar firms, high-power hydroelectricity, and other alternative energy but we often fail to create ideas and make a business plan because we fear and we make doubts about ourselves and that is the greatest problem. We make excuses about our ability and the greatest hill of fear is the source of finance but brother and sister If you have ideas then you have the greatest asset in your life keep working on those ideas.

Every problem does not have a solution we need to create a solution for some problems”

We young Nepalese often face the problems of finance. Our business ideas could not work in our financial institutions because they don’t want to believe us. Most of our families are not wealthy and they are not able to offer us capital. There is a problem but we have to change this mindset because we need to create a solution to substitute for such problems. Investors' crowdfunding is one of the solutions which we can use to solve the problems of finance. But most of my readers can question how investors believe in our ability and how they can trust us? Don’t worry! Like you I was a victim of that question. First, you need to make a proper business plan including all the important information about the business. It sounds pretty hard but If you engage and take some courses online then you can do that. Second, You have to search for a better platform on the internet and talk about your plan. Never hesitate to expose your plan in a worthy network and never talk about your plan with those who can’t understand your language and demotivate you.

 Robert T. Kiyosaki, a great financial adviser once listed   that “there has never been a better time than right now, today.”

We see most famous authors and great thinkers often criticize the educational structure. I wanna share something about my experience. I was an A level. I did a lot of work in my college because I was from a remote education system. After my SEE I went to Kathmandu to pursue my further education. At A level I got various experiences. Most of the experience in my college life is more worthy but when it comes to business ideas and finance I only got paper knowledge rather than practical one. I write a lot of notes about different theories I know in my life. It will help me to boost up but now I feel the education and knowledge I got from the institute will help after you succeed If you wanna succeed then you have to follow the path of self-education. Your five-page five-page answer cannot help you to perform well but your five minutes realization can. I am not against the education system but I am with the structural and worthy education.